• Biometric identification

    Biometric screening is being used increasingly across the world as authorities and travel operaters attempt to boost security and clamp down on identity
  • How to Use Non-Identification with Form to Dissolve the Ego Self - Eckhart Tolle

    How to Use Non-Identification with Form to Dissolve the Ego Self - Eckhart Tolle Eckhart talks about how we can dissolve the egoic or story self by
  • Projective Identification

    Here i try to explain the psychological defence called projective Allsow projection is mentioned and splitting and introjective
  • System Identification Methods

    System Identification is the process of determining the model or the equations of motion for your This is incredibly important because basing a
  • New System in Sweden Scans Veins in Shoppers Palm for Biometric Identification

    More info at link:
  • Animal Identification Fail

    For more, go to
  • Quick Mineral Identification

    Quick identifying properties of several
  • Rock and Mineral Identification

    A study guide made for the students of Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario Canada and anybody else who might find it If you like this video check out
  • Tree Identification Part One
  • Mushroom Identification for Beginners

    Learn the basics of mushroom identification! All handouts used in the presentation can be found at
  • Drawn to Science: Target identification in drug discovery

    Identifying the biological origin of a disease, and the potential targets for intervention, is the first step in the discovery of a More an art
  • Tissue Identification.m4v

    I'm studying the different tissues in my anatomy & physiology class this summer so I put together this slide show to run in a loop on my tv to help me learn
  • Biometrix - Genetic Identification

    This tune is taken from the Genetic Identification EP released today on Dubsaw! Big release which you can buy here:
  • Rock and Mineral Identification YouTube

    Ver good examples and explanations for many different types of rocks and Well done to the instructor in this video from Fleming College in Lindsay
  • Mineral Identification

    Owen Hopkins shows how to identify various minerals using their unique physical


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