• Müller® Corner® Yogurt by Muller Quaker Dairy

    Müller® Corner® yogurt, brought to you by Muller Quaker Dairy, comes in a two-chamber container, featuring creamy lowfat yogurt paired with delicious fruit
  • Kelly Rutherford on "Good Day New York"

    Check out Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford talking about Muller yogurt on "Good Day New
  • Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford Gossip Girl Set New York City

    Kelly Rutherford walks to set while on location of Gossip Girl on the Upper East Side this Visit our Actress Kelly Rutherford seen out and
  • Worst Ads of 2012 #2: Muller Yogurt - It's A Myth

    An Advertising Breaks Review DO YOU BELIEVE IT? [/the end of that one Tom & Jerry]
  • Müllerlight® Greek Style "Soya" Yogurt Ad

    Advert broadcast on UK Despite the actresses saying the yoghurt is "SOYA" and can clearly be heard as such, the product is not Soya and on contacting
  • Two Girls Eating Food and Desert and Laughing

    Well this was suppose to be a race to see who eats there plate faster using no hands, but they decided to take their sweet
  • Crazy yogurt girl

    via YouTube
  • Muller Yogurt Advert

    Muller Yogurt
  • A little girl trying to open a yogurt

    via YouTube
  • Girl eating a yogurt cup! Yummy!

    I get a little bit messy eating this yogurt cup :p I just love to tease the boys
  • When you give an awkward girl Yogurt...

    When you give an awkward girl Yogurt, She will not ask for milk to accompany She will simply sit in frount of her video camera and eat it While
  • Muller Corners 'Best Of British' TV Campaign

    TV campaign for Muller Yoghurt, with voice over by Miranda Hart and music from de
  • Muller Light Greek Style Fat-Free Yoghurt Advert UK 2013 - The female gaze?

    Muller Light Greek Style Fat-Free Yoghurt Advert UK Is this an example of the female gaze? Upload covered under fair Video intended to be used
  • Goat Yogurt: Cooking with Allergic Girl

    Featuring Sloane Miller, author of the recently released book Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well With Food Allergies, this video features one savory
  • Breast milk yogurt

    Raw Milk Breast Milk Yogurt recipe and instructions, using pumped raw (unheated/unpasteurized) You can buy starter cultures from


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